Freitag Messenger Bag

So recently came across the supposed new big thing (that I had never heard of) called the Freitag Bag. I guess it is more popular in Europe but keep your eyes open because we may be seeing a lot more of them soon. It all started with two bike-riding designers who lived next to a truck route in Zurich. So the idea was to create these messenger bags from truck tarpaulins, bicycle innertubes, car seat belts and used airbags. That sounds pretty cool to me… all these things are totally waterproof and totally unique! Some even still have a little dirt on them, a little something that didn’t come of in the high powered wash they receive.

You can also choose or design your own bag too. It's really good idea.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    hehe, yeah in europe freitag is already the "old" big thing. many people hav'em despite being very expensive. see them all over japan, too - less than in germany, though.

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