My Pinarello Track bike is finally done, Special Thanks to Brian (HKfixed) for the frame set. Let's ride and be safe

Chut Came across this t-shirt on ebay, it seems like right now street wear brands have to do somethings relate to fixed gear bike, right Undefeated ??

Columbus U Lock

Columbus U lock
1,785 Yen.
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he did 8.5 rounds.

Although there are few more world premieres left, please describe any personal changes or insights you have experienced after the San Francisco,Los Angeles, New York, and Japan premieres?
The overall impression is how no matter what city we rolled into, there was a huge sense of community there tied to bikes, and people sharing this connection. Our friend in chicago put it this way. He saw what we were doing over the years, and how that differed from the velo circuit of friends. He compared it to how he used to go skate this ditch as a kid, and there would always be a few other kids there. That was the same thing. Kids finding each other through an outlet they shared respect for. Then he saw Chicago's tricks and drinks night getting more popular, and that tied it together.
People coming together for a common interest.

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Today we went out again from Chainatown to Sanam Loung > Pha Artid Rd. > Kao Sarn Rd., last stop at dessert shop somewhere near Wat Thep Sirin. Poe, Ball, Nu, P'Pae, Boy. Next time i hope i can see some of new faces riding with us.

Trixie Chix

Trixie Chix is a group of women who meet up to learn how to do (mostly) pointless tricks on their bike. We also like bike polo and having a drink or two. While we love the lovely men who encourage and support us, they are not invited to our gatherings. Trixie Chix would like to create an atmosphere of comfort for women to gain security and self-awareness on your bike.

We are primarily a fixed-gear riding crew but all are warmly welcomed!

Mostly we giggle a lot and teach each other how to do cool stuff

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Watanabe frame will be selling at Tokyofixed
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Chinatown - Flower Market - Grand Palace - Khaosan Road

Moshe's Whip

Parts description: Khs Aerotrack frame, KIng Gripnut headset, Aerospoke front, Phil Wood tripled crossed to Velocity, Dt spokes. Dura Ace BB, Sugino 75 (49t) Izumi Super V, Mks pedals with Toshi straps. MIche 18t cog. Easton risers, Cinelli stem, Titec grips, Thompson seatpost, stripped Bianchi seat.

Moshé Patil

Handle Bar Moustach
Via Tokyo Fixed

So recently came across the supposed new big thing (that I had never heard of) called the Freitag Bag. I guess it is more popular in Europe but keep your eyes open because we may be seeing a lot more of them soon. It all started with two bike-riding designers who lived next to a truck route in Zurich. So the idea was to create these messenger bags from truck tarpaulins, bicycle innertubes, car seat belts and used airbags. That sounds pretty cool to me… all these things are totally waterproof and totally unique! Some even still have a little dirt on them, a little something that didn’t come of in the high powered wash they receive.

You can also choose or design your own bag too. It's really good idea.

More photos @ Kyle Johnson
Via FixiePixie

Keirin Culture's newest limited edition shirt by Denver bike messenger Sam Turner. Sam also designed the latest album cover for 3 Inches of Blood, which is all we really need to see. Design on front only. Black shirt.

The shirt’s only $15!!! Buy it here.

Orange SAG straps. This color is not for sale. Only samples at this point. Watch out in upcoming month, might be.

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Mash SF on Wrap Magazine, Japan
via Mash's Blog

another cool gallery from flickr , just fixed
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i've just got back from Hong Kong, and i met Brian Fu, from HKfixed, Nice meeting you and thanks for the Pinarello Frame , i gotta love it.

RODAFIXA T-shirt Pre-Order,
ship date : 22 FEB 2008
only 30 RODAFIXA T-shirt will be made
15 x size M / 10 x size L / 5 x size XL
USD26, FREE shipping worldwide

south asia gear 1st fixed boutique
OPEN : FEB 2008
Central, Hong Kong

Will be open after Chinese New Year, all you need is here. Fixed Only

Thanks Brian Fu, for the frame and Dvd. Nice to meet you in HK.

Keirin Ads

How do u like this ?? it's a Nice Keirin Ads.

photo via Straight Chain

Tokyo Fixed Filckr there's so many nice photos of fixed gear bikes and shop around tokyo so please check it out

via Southsea fixed

Check out Condition San Francisco's photos for nice photo
via Southsea fixed

Tokyo Fixed Gear

Im glad to hear that Tokyo Fixed Gear blog will relunch their site with online store selling great parts in fare price. im looking forward to your store.

last friday Jan 11, 08. We had our 2nd time meeting in front of Hard Rock cafe (Siam Square) Bangkok. many news faces who missed the last meeting shows up such as P'Neng, P'King, but few people that didnt show up too. This time seemed to be very interesting because of many girls spotted on us. especially, on P'j. We were there for some tricks and later we went out of the space to ride along the road. It was totally fun. see u guys in next meeting.

check out the rest of photo here.
thanks Chut for the cool photos and see u with ur bike next meeting ( i hope)

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