Super heavily rains all day long can't even stop us and today turned out to be the biggest gathering ever since the scene was started. Awesome! Thank you everyone who participated today's biggest ride out. Enough word, let's the pictures speak of itself.



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Bangkok Draft is Thailand's first ever alleycat race. Alleycat races were originally planned by bicycle messengers to find out who was the fastest in the city. The races are open to all riders on all types of bikes. We race on open streets with all the other traffic in the city. Bangkok is known around the world as a crazy place to drive. Come test yourself by riding in some of the toughest traffic in the world. We hope that riders will come from many different countries to race with us. For the riders who have not been to Bangkok before, we have created a map with the checkpoints labled on it so you will have a good idea of how to get around the city before the race starts.

For the winners, we have gathered prizes from all over the world. We have sponsors from Tokyo, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand and U.S., just to name a few. There will be prizes for the overall winners, the sprint winner and for skids, trackstands, and tricks.
Everyone is invited to Bangkok on 17 May to help BKK Fixed celebrate the growing bike scene in Thailand. If you can ride Bangkok, you can ride anywhere (except maybe Vietnam. Traffic is really crazy over there).

For more information please email us at , or call +66-81-5655565

Check out the map and check points here.

Fixed Gear London

Fixed Gear London has update their website with rider profile. check it out


China Town - Grand Palace (Photo Session) - Khao San Road

Probably now, he is bored of his vigorelli. So here is a new one to replace it.
Done by Brooklyn Machine, featuring Glow in the Dark paint job.
Where is the double strap?

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Stay Tunes

BKKFIXED crew has been super busy in the past few weeks.
We will try our best to update this blog more often, please stay tunes.
Be well and ride safe.

RVCA x Cinelli x Barry McGee : Super Corsa Pista

Limited to only 50 bikes with the price tage of $3700 for a complete bike equipped with loads of Campy Record or just a frameset for $2100. Comes in 3 different sizes.

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Walking bike

Forget a fixed gear, this is my type of bike! This special project constructed by Max Knight is you basic everyday bike but outfitted with 8 pairs of sneakers to form the wheels. Honorable mentions to Converse, Nike, and Y-3 for making the cut on this one.
Source : Arktip

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